First signs of spring & Portland, Maine

First signs of spring & Portland, Maine


When: April 8th – 9th, 2017
Where: Boston, MA and Portland, ME
Instagram: #haninportland

Heya! Since the weather in March was so bad, I wasn’t able to post much of anything. The silver lining is I finished my Boston City Guide, so if you’re planning your first trip to Boston or just want to read about my favorite things to do, I hope it brings you a little inspiration.

Spring is a beautiful time here with all the blooming flowers and trees (unless you have allergies like me and avoid pollen at all costs haha). Almost overnight, everyone comes out of hibernation to enjoy the nice weather – every year I ask myself, “where did all these people come from!?" We finally got some warm weather last weekend (I’m talking 60s), so Jon and I spent our Saturday brunching, running errands and checking out the new Madewell shop in the Prudential Center. On our way home, we stopped at one my favorite smoothie shops, Mother Juice. You can check out my other Boston smoothie recommendations here.

Cutest Beacon Hill flower shop – Rouvalis Flowers

Cutest Beacon Hill flower shop – Rouvalis Flowers


Last year, before I was into photography, Jon and I took a day trip to Portland, Maine. It was such a lovely trip and unbelievably easy to get to and from Boston, so we knew we would return this year. Since Boston weather can change on a dime, we decided to take advantage of the sunshine and go back to Portland to see some of the famous lighthouses!

We started our day with a light brunch at Tatte Bakery in Beacon Hill and made sure to be on the road by 10am. We splurged on a little Mini Cooper convertible with Zipcar and made our way up north without any traffic. We got into Portland at exactly noon and grabbed a quick bite at our favorite restaurant there, Eventide Oyster Co.

Eventide Oyster Co. - lobster roll

Eventide Oyster Co. - lobster roll


You can’t read any food recommendations in Portland without seeing Eventide Oyster Co. on the list. Their open faced lobster roll is the best I’ve ever had. I think it’s because they use butter instead of mayo and it’s warm instead of cold. Beware the rolls are small, but I promise they are delicious! We also made sure to get 3 different types of oysters to try. Afterwards we hung out in the city center for a couple of hours just shopping and hopping from one art gallery to the next.


Portland’s little downtown is so quaint. There’s a ton of great restaurants, breweries, art galleries, high end and low end shopping and a bunch of parks. We popped into my favorite art gallery called The Portland Art Gallery. Last summer we brought our bikes and biked along the Eastern Promenade, which I definitely recommend.


One of Jon’s favorite shops is called The Portland Dry Goods Co.; a typical New England fashion store that sells all your favorite brands like Penfield and Barbour. My favorite shop is called Folly 101. It’s honestly the cutest home goods store ever – it has the cuteness of Boston but the prices of Portland! Sadly it was closed on Sunday.


No trip is complete without some type desert tasting. Idk about you all, but I love donuts and Portland is home to a pretty famous donut shop called The Holy Donut. Apparently their donuts are made with potatoes and local ingredients (and in my opinion crack, because they are so addicting hehe). They have 2 locations – just fyi.

The cutest Portland architecture & The Holy Donut storefront

The cutest Portland architecture & The Holy Donut storefront

Dark chocolate coconut donut from The Holy Donut

Dark chocolate coconut donut from The Holy Donut


After we ate all the food in Portland, we finally headed out of downtown to chase those famous lighthouses we came for. I’ve read you can see up to 6 lighthouses within 30 minutes around the Portland area, but we stuck to seeing just 2 so we could really enjoy our lazy Sunday. Our first stop was the Portland Head Light, which is probably one of the most famous lighthouses in the US. I think it’s still operating but don’t quote me on that.

When you drive up (hell ya to the free parking) the views definitely make you aww. The best part is that it’s completely open so you can do your own thing. You can walk along the rocks or stay up on the grassy area (perfect spot for a picnic) and enjoy the views or take one of the trails surrounding the area while watching fisherman speed by.

Can you spot the second light house in the distance? 

Can you spot the second light house in the distance? 


We left the Portland Head Light after an hour or so and went to grab our last bite to eat at The Lobster Shack in Two Lights State Park, which overlooks the Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse. I had plans to take photographs, but we literally got into an altercation with 3 hangry seagulls who wanted to eat all our food.


On a photography note, I’m really excited about this post, because I’m finally am starting to feel like I’m finding my artistic style and voice. It’s a lot harder than it looks! 🙂 I was also able to try out my tripod for the first time since buying it this winter, which was really fun. While it’s annoying to carry around (and by me, I mean Jon), it’s by far the best option for being able to take photos of yourself and friends when traveling. My handy-dandy remote decided not to work, so there was a lot of timed running back and forth haha (#fail).


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